I know Father’s Day isn’t until tomorrow but I was too excited about this post!

I entered my husband into a ‘dad of the year’ competition run by NUK and he was one of the winners 😁


Penelope is doing so marvellously today and I owe so much of that to him, he completely deserved to be one of the 6 winners of the competition ☺️ He never left her side in NICU. He followed her the day after she


Penelope and her daddy
Penelope and her daddy

was born to Leicester when I was waiting to be discharged following a cesarean section, and held her hand whilst she was on ECMO and until I could get there the following day. And, he’s been phenomenal since. With the 3 hourly feeds when we first brought Penelope home, the blood sugar tests and medication, the regular baby things such as dirty nappies and bath times, to being there at EVERY single hospital appointment she has ever had (and there have been a lot), he really is ‘dad of the year’.

We were in NICU for his first ever Father’s Day last year (as well as for my birthday and our wedding anniversary) so I’m hoping tomorrow he can have the break he truly deserves!

Happy Father’s Day, Lee. ❀️

And, thank you NUK πŸ™‚