Everything is a learning curve with baby number one, and there are a few things I wish I had known about then! These are some of those things I wish I had known about or I’ll find myself heading out to pick up next week as my due date fast approaches. 

1. Breast pump

With baby number one, I thought I’d play it by ear with feeding. Attempt breast, hope for the best and keep some ready made bottles in the house just in case. That didn’t really go to plan. And, it was one of the things I yearned for most during our NICU stay… To feel the bond between mum and baby that breastfeeding brings. Although I didn’t get to, I did get the opportunity to express and was fortunate enough that both Glenfield (where she had ECMO) and my local NICU provided me with a pump to do so (the Medela Symphony). Medela do a smaller electronic one (Swing) that is definitely top of my wish list with number two on the way. Even though I’m hoping to establish breastfeeding, it is so easy to pump and store and allow dad to take over some feeds then!


2. Milestone stickers

Everyone says that the first year with a new baby flashes by in the blink of an eye and you won’t believe it until you are holding the birthday cake with one tiny candle on top! I must’ve taken a million pictures of Penelope already, and while they’re all dated I think these stickers are a really sweet way of putting a time to a picture and something I will definitely be buying for number two as I imagine it will go even quicker this time! Plus, they donate a certain percentage to Count the Kicks, which is a tremendous cause and an added bonus.


3. Reusable nappies

I’m fairly certain I want to go green this time. It’s truly astonishing how many nappies they get through. Having done quite a bit of research on this, I will probably invest in one or two and see how they work out. I love the Bambino Mio designs, and Penelope has already tried out the swim nappies and they’re fab. It is also believed that babies in reusable nappies are less likely to develop nappy rash, this alone would be totally worth the switch, especially during teething!! 


4. Baby BOY gift set!

After being generously inundated with lots of lovely dresses last time, I am quite excited to treat the new arrival to his very own ‘something blue’! I adore this set, and think as a one off treat it is a lovely idea. 



5. Mojito

This isn’t really something that will come in handy or is for baby at all in any way(!), but come August when I look back over the last two years, I will have been pregnant for 18 months of that time. The six months that I weren’t, we had our initial NICU stay and were adjusting to life with a newborn, as well as various hospital stays due to low blood sugars so I never really got chance to have my first post pregnancy alcoholic beverage. Also, I coped surprisingly well with the heat during my first pregnancy but suffering like mad with it this time. I can’t wait until I can enjoy a refreshing mojito or three.

6. GRO Anywhere Blind 

I Wish I had known about this when number one was really little as it would’ve come in extremely handy. That is why I am keen to try it out with newborn #2, and why I’ve added it to my list. 

7. The CUTEST little suits…

No baby wish list would be complete without some super-cute-teeny-tiny-newborn baby suits. These are my favourite little boy ones… 😍



After attending the Mamas and Papas Parent To be Event today I have found lots of lovely baby boy suits that I may have to treat the bump to! But especially loved these penguin ones.

Think there will be a mad dash to the shops before I’m quite ready for this next baby!

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