Can’t believe Penelope is 16 months old this week! She really is growing too quickly. 

Here she is on the front of Pick Me Up magazine this week, raising more awareness for her rare overgrowth condition.

It’s still available to buy, the full story is on pg 40-41

Also this week we have been featured over on ‘What Katy Said’ as part of her ‘Real Mums’ series where I talk more about my experiences as a first time mum to a miracle baby; and how I think time flies when you have a baby (or two)! 🚀

Here’s the link:
I am so happy I have these milestone stickers so I can capture lovely moments such as this whilst Laurence is still teeny tiny, because even this last month has passed by in a flash! 


It is evidently exhausting being one month old!
The stickers are available here:

They really are lovely AND they donate a certain percentage to Count the Kicks, which is a great charity that aims to empower mums to be with knowledge and confidence throughout their pregnancy. A baby’s movements indicate its wellbeing and by understanding their baby, mums can be empowered to trust their instincts, enjoy their pregnancy and ensure the healthy delivery of their baby. Penelope’s story can be found on Count the Kicks website too! Here’s the link:

As well as the beautiful stickers, I have also been using these sweet landmark cards (I am serious when I say I want to enjoy and remember every single moment that Laurence is so small)! 

I think they’re adorable and I’ll be buying some for the next baby shower I go to, they’re the perfect present! You can find them here: 

What Katy Said
Baby Brain Memoirs
My Random Musings

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