When I was born I had a seizure. My eyes were going back and forth, I was eating my Cheerios, I couldn’t find them. I couldn’t see my mum either. I was brought to the hospital, the doctors said I was having a seizure. 

As I grew up I kept having the seizures and bad temper tantrums. My mum didn’t know why. She called every doctor but they did not find her (answers).

I grew up even more, I got medicine that would make me grow hair everywhere. I have thick hair and little hairs on my arms and legs. I always feel embarrassed when people ask me why, it’s not normal.

I had some problems with my body, I had to go through terrible stuff but my problem has given me a special title that I love. 

This had me completely in tears. I’ve only ever known hyperinsulinism from an adult point of view and never truly considered the impact it has on children, as Penelope is only 17months. How amazing are these kids?!

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