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December 2015

G is for Penelope 

That’s an entire year of six weekly blood tests and twelve weekly ultrasounds done! Last ones this week came back fine. Massive phew and now we can begin to enjoy the Christmas period, finally! I said to Penelope she could have an early Christmas present for being so brave but all she wanted was my necklace. So, G is now for Penelope! 

Only five and a half years left. ūüėĘ

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Snapfish Calendar Review 

If you haven’t already got a calendar for 2016, get to Snapfish now! I have just received mine and it’s wonderful. In fact, the whole experience from making it to receiving it was great. The website was easy to navigate, uploading photos took no time at all and there are loads of designs to pick from. It was so simple to create. The hardest thing was choosing which pictures to use! I decided to make a calendar featuring just my two kids, Penelope who is 18 months and Laurence who is 3 months. But, I wanted it to make a statement too. So I used an app on my iPhone to change regular pictures into black and white, then I was able to pick out parts of the picture to be in colour, so just a splash of colour can be seen. 

I decided the best design for this would be something bold yet simple, so I chose the ‘simply elegant’ design which provided a black background, perfect for my pictures and to further enhance the splash of colour. 

The only thing that could’ve made it better would’ve been the ability to create the calendar on my phone.I had to do it on my laptop, which isn’t a massive thing but would have made it a teensy bit easier (for me). But, uploading pictures was really easy and fast too. The website was in fact very easy to find your way around.

There was also the option to personalise dates and add further photos too. I didn’t want to go overboard here as I wanted the theme of my calendar to remain simple, so I added just our birthdays! I tried to choose pictures that reflected each month or season as best as possible and there was the option to add a caption as well so I kept this simplistic also. For instance for October I used a picture from Halloween and captioned it ‘Boo’. For May I used a lovely summery picture of Penelope with the caption ‘Sunshine’. This seemed to work great and the effect was pretty. On one or two pictures I was told that the resolution was low (this was down to putting them through the app that altered their colour) but I went along with it anyway and they actually turned out great! But, it was good that I was given the option to change it prior to receiving it. You could also add more than one photo per month easily, but as I was going for simple I stuck with just the one. From completing my order and receiving a dispatch email, I had my calendar in no time at all and was pleased to see the photos were laminated, it looked fantastic.

There is an online chat service available should you have any questions, which is an excellent feature. And delivery was really fast. I would definitely recommend getting an order in now if you’re stuck on Christmas present ideas. It’s a nice, classic gift to give someone, and easier than you might think to make a lovely and personal present which is guaranteed to impress. 


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