As it’s getting closer to Penelope’s second birthday, I’m thinking about how fast this past year has gone and just how hard it is having ‘two under two’! 

I found out I was expecting for the second time when Penelope was only six months old and couldn’t quite believe it! We had had a turbulent six months packed with lots of hospital visits, not to mention the first 6+ weeks she was here she was in NICU. To say that I was petrified would’ve been an understatement. But, we were very happy nonetheless. Penelope was going to become a big sister, to a little boy! 

Laurence arrived in August, via elective section and dad looked after Penelope while I recovered in hospital. Penelope was unsure what to make of Laurence when she visited him for the first time. She was only 14 months old after all. She gave him the gentlest of pats on the head and carried on about her business (colouring in Iggle Piggle). 

Everyone told us how great it is having babies so close together, they would be best of friends! I’m still waiting on that. Their relationship grows everyday but I can’t help but think that Penelope much prefers the company of our beagle on some days! However, there certainly are other benefits of having babies close together. We’re getting all the “messy” stuff out of the way in one block as opposed to waiting a few years and doing it all over again. By messy, I mean nappies, pee, poo, weaning, teething dribble and other leaky stuff too! I guess that could be considered a bonus, right?

But, there’s also some aspects that are decidedly difficult. Leaving the house takes approximately ten hours. Two lots of things to get ready, two babies to change and you can guarantee that one will have a sneaky poo just as you’re about to step out, two babies to feed beforehand; not to mention trying to entertain one whilst changing the other, which brings me to my next point. They both require my attention all of the time but there are few things that make them both happy, except Timmy Time, of course. Penelope likes crayons but they’re no good for a teeny baby. Laurence likes naps but that’s becoming increasingly harder with a noisy toddler around. Penelope likes dancing but Laurence can’t join in. Laurence likes me to read a book to him but when Penelope joins in she takes the book and runs off laughing! She’s also become quite territorial now and finds it hard to share. She takes all the toys and hands Laurence a packet of wipes! She likes a good ol’ tantrum if she catches him with one of her Peppa Pigs. 

Tandem prams are about as easy to manoeuvre as a big bag of rocks. Don’t get me wrong, I love our Oyster Max, but they don’t handle the curbs in the same way as a solo pram would. And there’s a lot of weight to push with very little room for a pram bag!

Minor injuries occur on a daily basis. I’ve lost count of the times Penelope has managed to clunk Laurence on the head with a toy. And he’s just as bad, he grabs her hair when she’s in proximity and she’s not a fan of it.

Bath time is total chaos. Fun, but chaos. Certainly a two man job. 

Any planned journey is nothing short of a military operation. 

Getting them to sync nap time was pretty much one of my greatest accomplishments to date. 

The wash load has increased significantly.

If they both decide to cry at the same time it’s probably more peaceful at a wrestling match.

But, would I have it any other way? Not a chance. Watching their relationship grow is the most precious thing I have ever known.


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