Yes. I am aware that it is November. Still, I’m being prepared earlier than usual this year because having two babies under two takes up most (well, ALL) of my time, so I’ve got to get started when I can. Here’s some of the things I have found that will be working their way under our tree for the little ones this year or things that I have already bought and recommend. 

1. Gro Comforter

I’m going to start with Laurence. He will be 4 months by Christmas and his needs are simple. Besides eating and napping I think he’ll love a comforter and this is the cutest one I have seen by far. I love all the Gro products so I was immediately drawn to this and it will go perfectly with his Ewan Sheep which he loves. Available here:

2. Reindeer Hat!

Just because… look how cute!

 I need to add this to Laurence’s already pretty huge hat collection. Available here:

3. I have seen so many amazing new Insta Shops pop up recently and it’s definitely made me want to “shop small” this year! Apart from getting a completely unique item that has been made with love it also supports small businesses taking off. Here’s some of my favourites:

  • Lola Loves. Penelope is a brand enthusiast for this cute and amazing brand. The designs are super sweet and come in lovely little packages. Here’s Penelope in her Lola Loves skirt and matching head wrap…
search @lolaloves__ on IG
I enjoy my post looking this pretty 😘
  • Baby Brain Apparel. The lovely lady behind this brand has the cutest curly haired little boy (I am of course partial to the curls 😉) and he is the inspiration behind these charming tee shirts. I especially like the “milk drunk” one!
  • Ferns Fancies. This super talented lady makes all kinds of ingenious baby and toddler related items, in adorable prints. Will be getting a plushmuff for my Oyster tandem this Christmas to keep my mitts warm!
IG: ferns_fancies
  • Oh Arthur. I LOVE the tee shirts from Oh Arthur! Here’s Penelope wearing her ‘Me, Myselfie and I’ one! And, the cute Christmas one I NEED as well! 


IG: oh_arthur
4. Personal gifts

As well as shopping small there are a few vintage items I have my eye on. But, here are two I have already stashed (I told you I was prepared!) I love these Ladybird Garden Gang books I picked up from eBay. I chose Penelope Strawberry and Lawrence Lemon for the obvious reason that it makes the gift personal, something they will hopefully keep.


5. Bibs!

I always need bibs with two little ones and I’ve seen lots of cute festive ones this year already but these are by far the cutest, for design. I also cannot praise Funky Giraffe bibs enough. Penelope was such a dribbler when teething and these are the ONLY bibs I have used that last all day without needing changing. Laurence has reflux and these bibs have been such a god send. Like I said, I can’t praise them enough! They also run offers such as free delivery if you spend a certain amount and 10 bibs for £20 which is great value. Available here:


6. Miffy

Miffy has made a come back and Penelope loves it. It is bright and fun and so are the books. I stashed a few away when I went to the Baby Show some weeks back and I can’t wait to read them with her.

7. Gro Bag

Another Gro item, but look how cute! I can’t wait until it is chilly enough to put Laurence in this! 


Buy it here:

8. More Christmassy cuteness


How sweet is this bear hug jumper?! Thanks for the heads up Milk Drunk!

Get it here:

9. Stocking filler surprise

Who doesn’t love a surprise?! I am going to get Penelope and Laurence these Nüby Santa surprise boxes for their stockings. They have one for up to 12 months and then a 12m+ option as well. Perfect! And, for the bargain price of £15. Nüby is another company that I can’t praise enough! They sent over a box full of useful items for my Penelope and Friends NICU bags. Very nice indeed. 


10. Hey Duggee

Penelope is Hey Duggee mad so I’ve a feeling we’ll be seeing this under the tree too! 

And, that’s the kids. For me, all I wish for is low AFP results and good sugars. And, that Xander the Brave gets his forever liver. Find out more here:

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